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Self-propelled, 10,000 Gallon Tank Barge Design

8 January 2020

JMS Naval Architects completed the design of a self-propelled, 10,000 gallon, double-hull tank barge for an undisclosed client.

The 53’ x 18′ double-raked, double-hull tank barge is designed to be propelled by two 300 HP diesel outboard motors. A Seastar propulsion control system is utilized in the design for increased maneuverability. The vessel is of a raised trunk cargo tank design with a pilot/control station located at the aft end of the vessel. The vessel is outfitted with electrically-powered cargo pumps and a 370 gallon fuel oil tank for onboard generators located below deck in the stern rake aft machinery space. A potable water tank and a black water tank are also located below deck in the forward rake. The electrical system will be powered by a pair of generators in the aft machinery space to provide service to the vessel’s lighting, cargo pumping, and hydraulic systems. The equipment and systems design supports high-speed loading and unloading of its cargo. A canopy is provided over most of the barge’s length, including the pilot/control station, to provide added protection to the operator from the elements. The vessel is also equipped with two 41’ long spuds, and hydraulic winches to raise and lower the spuds, in order to secure the vessel in place during cargo transfers to customers’ vessels. The vessel will be built to ABS Rules and will be inspected to 46 CFR Subchapter D.

JMS is currently providing consultation support to their client during development of the shipyard solicitation and will be providing technical review of shipyard bids and owner’s representation services during the vessel construction, testing, trials, delivery, and acceptance.

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