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Research Vessel Design

Extensive Experience with Research Vessel Design

JMS acquired Roger Long Marine Architecture Inc. (RLMA). The acquisition included exclusive rights to RLMA’s enormously successful CHALLENGER class fast research vessels. Roger Long, RLMA’s founder and principal designer, is senior design consultant to JMS’ research vessel design projects. JMS and Roger Long have collaborated on several projects in the past and have merged their resources to expand the CHALLENGER Class research vessel to new markets. Together with JMS’s extensive experience related to all aspects of research vessel design and research vessel operations, and having conducted over 150 surveys and inspections of research vessels located around the world, this technical knowledge-base supports Roger Long’s design expertise with practical and empirical engineering and performance data.

Through our past collaboration with Roger Long and extensive experience reviewing the operational performance of many of the world’s most successful research vessels — and perhaps just as importantly: seeing the results of the less than successful ones — JMS has an uncommon understanding of the unique operational and environmental needs of coastal and estuary fisheries research vessels. JMS is uniquely qualified to design the optimum research vessel for your specific needs and oversee the project through its construction, sea trials, and delivery.

“A successful design is what we all want – this is true of our designers no less than the owners and operators of research vessels. I define a successful design as being not only the boat we seem to want today, but ensuring it will be the boat you will want a year from now. And in ten years, and twenty. And every day in between.” ~ Roger Long

Research Vessel Design Projects

Click the link below to see our Research Vessel Design projects.