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Salvage Engineering

24/7 Marine Casualty Response Coverage

JMS provides a 24/7 marine casualty response service to many of our oil transportation clients. JMS salvage engineers conduct rapid assessment of ship stability & strength for damaged vessels. This emergency response service is available 24/7.

Accident Investigation and Forensic Engineering

JMS has performed accident investigation and damage analyses for cases involving submarine collisions, amphibious passenger vessel sinkings, hopper barge structural damage, containership structural failures, recreational boat accidents, diving accidents, shipyard accidents and shipboard operational accidents. Expert reports, depositions, and litigation support have been provided in a vessel grounding case and in a lawsuit where an explosion resulted from vessel design defects.

Due to unique salvage engineering background, formal naval architecture education, and professional computer generated visuals capabilities, JMS offers a combination of talents not commonly found in one place for consultants to marine litigation proceedings. In addition to engineering and shipboard operations expertise, JMS’ visualization services play an important role in creating convincing and technically accurate expert witness testimonies that educate non-engineers or non-seagoing people about basic naval architecture principles and ship operations.

Attention To Detail

In many cases JMS has created 3-dimensional computer models of subject vessels to dramatize the engineering analysis. The level of model detail is technically and conceptually accurate but superfluous equipment or distracting features are either eliminated or generalized. This facilitates easier comprehension of the subject matter and enables a clear understanding of what is being analyzed. The models are DVD formatted and often used in “fly-through” or “de-construction” animations that illustrate the arrangements of important features & components and how they relate to each other.

JMS Wrote the Book on Salvage Engineering

JMS is a recognized leader in the field of salvage engineering and was selected by the U.S. Navy to write the U.S. Navy Salvage Engineers Handbook. This book has become the authoritative text on the subject of salvage engineering. JMS co-authored, along with the American Society of Naval Engineers [ASNE], an edition of this book that is tailored to the commercial marine industry entitled, Marine Casualty Response: Salvage Engineering. Additionally, JMS wrote the six volume, U.S. Navy Salvage Manual Series as well as other books and technical salvage reports for the U.S. Navy Supervisor of Salvage.

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