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OSHA Shipyard Safety Videos

JMS completed production in March 2005 of Volume 2 of a series of shipyard safety videos for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This 25-minute video relies exclusively on the use of 3D computer animation. Eight actual shipyard accidents, investigated by OSHA, are reconstructed in each video and are examined to clearly illustrate what went wrong and how the accidents may have been avoided. The accidents resulted in fatalities from crane hazards, confined space hazards, fall hazards, drown hazards, lockout/tagout failures and improper use of equipment.

OSHA realizes that producing the videos using only computer animation has many advantages. Concerns for the safety of the actors and film crew are eliminated as dangerous events are reenacted in a virtual world. The cost of producing the animated video is much less without the need of multiple actors, film crews, expensive shipyards equipment and very expensive if not impossible disruption to busy shipyards for the use of their facilities as stages for filming.

OSHA also wants to depict a wide range of shipyard types and sizes so the cost and logistics of filming on eight different locations for each video or constructing studio sets would be too expensive for their budget by several orders of magnitude. Computer animation also allows the viewer to see from perspectives that might otherwise be too difficult or even impossible to shoot with a traditional camera.
1000 copies of the two-volume video on VHS and 1000 interactive DVDs have been distributed to OSHA training centers and shipyards across the U.S.

JMS is proud to announce that the interactive DVD has been accepted by the 27th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. This international forum of 3000+ safety professionals gather every 3 years to exchange ideas, research and best practices on highly topical issues in the area of Occupational Safety and Health. The 6th International Film and Multimedia Festival will be an integral part of the forum and will showcase innovative new safety and health products from around the world. Expert panels will select the best products and prizes will be awarded.