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Vessel Operations Support and Marine Surveys

JMS has conducted numerous marine surveys representing a variety of vessel types and purposes. Surveys have included:

  • Structural assessments of aging vessels for steel renewal and overhaul planning
  • Condition surveys of ships, barges and dry docks for preacquisition or insurance purposes
  • Research vessel condition assessments
  • Audits of safety management systems
  • Accident investigation and marine forensic engineering surveys

JMS personnel are certified by the American Waterways Operators (AWO) as Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) auditors. Audits are conducted for tug and barge operators throughout the U.S. JMS conducted third party audits of company management policies, vessel equipment, and human factors for Poling & Cutler Marine Transportation and Seaboats Inc.

JMS has been conducting research vessel inspections for the National Science Foundation since 1997. JMS has conducted more than 100 research vessel inspections to assess their ability to conduct science missions, identify critical maintenance items and develop operating standards to enhance safety at sea. The inspections encompass hull, mechanical and electrical systems, deck machinery, lifesaving and fire fighting equipment, scientific load handling systems, science facilities, and oceanographic mission support systems. JMS provides a 3-man inspection team with unique qualifications related to research vessels to conduct the two day inspection both pierside and underway in an operational environment. Inspections were conducted on Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences’ R/V ATLANTIC EXPLORER, R/V CAPE HATTERAS, R/V POINT SUR in Moss Landing CA, the University of Washington’s R/V BARNES, R/V SAVANNAH, R/V SEWARD JOHNSON, University of Rhode Island’s R/V ENDEAVOR, the R/V OCEANUS at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the R/V WALTON SMITH at the University of Miami.

JMS conducted a review of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Human Occupied Vehicle program for NSF. The purpose of the review was to assess compliance with accepted Human Occupied Vehicles Safety Standards. JMS performed a comprehensive review of all policies, procedures and records prior to participating in a deployment and recovery of the JOHNSON SEA LINK (JSL) aboard the R/V SEWARD JOHNSON in Fort Pierce, FL. The JSL can accommodate four people in two separate pressure hulls to a depth of 3,000 feet.

JMS has conducted periodic material condition assessments and safety management reviews of the U.S. Geological Survey (Department of the Interior) research vessel fleet since 1998. The USGS owns and operates a fleet of nine research vessels which conduct biology, water quality, and fisheries research on the Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay, and in Alaska. This year JMS performed a comprehensive assessment of the R/V TURNING TIDE and POLARIS, a 96 foot wooden yacht powered by her original Atlas-Imperial diesel engine and converted for use as a research vessel. The assessments include all vessel machinery, hull and penetrations, superstructure, decks, interior tanks and voids, navigational and communications equipment as well as lifesaving and fire fighting equipment. The vessels are surveyed underway in an operational environment observing performance of the vessel’s deck machinery, oceanographic outfitting, navigational systems, and propulsion machinery.